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ESL Teaching in Northern Thailand Featured

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Location:  Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Type of Assignment:  Teaching English
Project Duration:  Minimum 8 Weeks
Activities:  Teaching English to students and community members.



The Organization

How is the Organization involved with the community?

Thailand has been placed in the bottom 10% of countries for the inequality in distributing education resources.

Education resources tend to be concentrated in Bangkok and big cities. Rural areas, such as northern Thailand where the organization works, finds itself in a perennial shortage of qualified teachers and other essential resources.

Volunteer English teachers work with the organization to fill the void by providing conservational english classes throughout the community.

Teachers work to bring some of the under resourced population in Thailand, such as the Hill Tribe communities. Children from Hill Tribe communities, which are culturally and linguistically different than Thai, start later in school at the age of 7 (where Thai children start before the age of 5). Their late start means they fall behind while trying to catch up in learning to speak, read, and write Thai, as well as all other subjects. The organization, through their children's home, helps these kids prepare themselves to enter school ready and able to learn.

Other projects volunteer English teachers participate in are summer English and science camps, documenting elders stories, and teaching in schools (elementary through high school) and throughout the community. Volunteering with this organization is an opportunity to immerse yourself in both authentic Thai culture and the beautiful mountains in northern Thailand.

Background to the project and its aims?

In 2015, the ASEAN Union will put Thailand in competition with their better-educated neighbors. Since English has been established as the language of ASEAN, it is essential that residents of our community are at least conversationally fluent by this time. With this in mind, the organization has partnered with a number of local organizations as well as district officials in order to provide the best supplemental English education across the community. The project reaches out to under resourced schools, local government agencies, such as the police and local hospitals, and rural northern Thai villages to better equip them in the English language and other areas like math and science.

What are the daily volunteer activities in this project?

The ESL/TEFL Teacher will be responsible for teaching five hours a day, five days a week, including some weekends. Using existing documentation as well as creating their own, teachers will need to develop a curriculum, create daily lesson plans, plan activities, and create learning materials including worksheets and games.

Volunteers will also help organize and present educational day camps for the children’s home and the community center during school breaks. Teachers are also responsible for tracking student’s progress throughout their stay. At least 6 of their teaching hours are spent in an after school program for 30 residential children at the children's home. Volunteers teach at maximum 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Volunteers should have (or work toward developing) the following skills/experience:

  • Previous teaching experience. Preferably in ESL.
  • Excellent understanding of English language and grammar.
  • High-level written and verbal communication skills.
  • Flexibility and patience to motivate students with a range of skill levels.
  • Creativity in learning methodologies (making worksheets, crafts, games, etc.).
  • Ability to think creatively and function in a diverse workplace.

Program Details

Quick facts about the trip:

Project duration:  Minimum 8 weeks
Project Location:   Chiang Mai, Thailand
Airport of arrival: Chiang Mai (CNX)
Activities:  Teaching English to students and community members.
Working Hours:  5 hours per a day, 5 days per a week, including some weekends to people of all ages (this includes 6 hours per a week of English instruction at our Children’s Home).
Accommodation:  Volunteer house
Requirements:  ESL/TEFL teaching experience preferred but not required.  Also, a criminal background check, or equivalent, since volunteers will have contact with children at the center.

What's included:

Accommodation:  Single or double in volunteer house with screens, western toilet, hot water, kitchen and internet.
Airport pickup
Local Transfers: a motorbike is provided for transportation between villages and the project site.
Pre-departure Orientation and Onsite Training: Volunteers receive a comprehensive workshop on being a volunteer in the project, safety and security in the destination country, culture shock, and pre-departure preparations.
Support: 24/7 during your volunteering time.

What's not included:

Flights, visas, insurance, meals.


Program Duration Cost (USD)
8 weeks 1,031.00
12 weeks 1,322.00
16 weeks 1,605.00
20 weeks 1,816.00
24 weeks 2,027.00
Additional weeks 153.00 per week

All Registration Fees are included in the costs above.