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Nepal Earthquake Relief

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Category:  Disaster Relief
Location:  Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Short Description:  The funds from this campaign will be used for buying food, supplying fresh water, providing temporary shelters (tents and blankets), bringing medicine and caring for those injured people.

Nepal is living very difficult days after the worst earthquake in 80 years hit the country on April 25th, 2015. Nearly three weeks after this magnitude-7.8 seism devastated the country, on May 12th, another magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck again. Reports estimated over 8200 lives lost, with thousands more injured and even more left homeless across Nepal, especially in the Kathmandu Valley.

SuryaWe are joining the efforts of many people and organizations that are bringing relief to all those victims and trying to decrease the impact of the disaster as much as possible. This is how we are doing so:

Our programs coordinator, Surya Pariyar (in the photo), is organizing local villagers and coordinating all monetary contributions we receive to help the village of Kartike Deurali and Halete, approximately 33 km East of Kathmandu.

All funds received from donations and other relief efforts for the victims are and will bring food, drinkable water, temporary shelter (tents and blankets), and medicine.

At the moment, the best way you can help is by donating money. Sending clothes, tents or any other form of help is not recommended now. Due to the situation, parcels arriving in Nepal can be lost or delayed for months at the Nepali Department of Customs. Here are a few options of how to send money:

Use the DONATE button to send your donation to us via Pay Pal (send to,

or make a bank transfer to our coordinator, Surya Pariyar:

  • Account name:  Surya Bahadur Pariyar
  • Account number:  002 02511150018
  • Name of bank:  Himalayan Bank Limited, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

You can also donate your money to other organizations on the ground working in other affected areas:

  • are on the ground and preparing to provide temporary shelter, ready-to-eat meals and water purification and latrine construction.
  • Oxfam International is working to help provide clean water, sanitation and emergency food for those affected by this disaster.
  • Save the Children is working to protect vulnerable children and provide relief to families.
  • UNICEF is working with the government and other partners to meet children's immediate needs in water and sanitation, protection, health and nutrition.

Please share this page with your friends and family.  Every small donation will help.  Thank you!