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Who we are

The Volunteer Bay provides a global voice to small grassroots organizations pursuing the improvement of the quality of life and livelihoods of their communities in developing countries. Many times those organizations do not have the needed resources to reach those willing to give their time and labor to join and support their projects. However, their pursuing cause and location in the world provide ideal grounds for international volunteers to find personal awakenings, career development and fun in experiential learning and multicultural exchange.

Our mission is to become a networking hub for our partner grassroots organizations developing their social entrepreneurship, and international volunteers who share and have fun living our travel and volunteering philosophy:

    Travel is a full-body learning experience, taken in through our senses and our mind. We observe and learn from the beauty of our planet, people, culture and arts with curiosity, empathy, and respect. Volunteering assignments abroad provide us with experiential learning and multicultural exchange that create awareness of global issues and brings positive change to both volunteers and local communities.

We pursue our mission advocating safe travels and responsible volunteering through a selection of volunteer programs and blog narratives.

Our volunteers find inspiration discovering:

  • a destination's natural and socio-cultural attributes
  • the impact our volunteer activities have upon the local communities and their individual livelihoods
  • self-awareness.

It is our priority to conduct our activities based on:

  • Diversity of projects and cultures: Volunteers from all over the world have the opportunity to collaborate with us and our partner grassroots organizations in projects in four specific areas: animal care and rescue, conservation and sustainability, teaching, and social development.
  • Responsible assessment: Our volunteer programs and travel initiatives are assessed for overall community contribution and safety within sustainable development strategies of our partner grassroots organizations.
  • Our partner grassroots organizations: In our destinations, we partner with small local organizations pursuing the improvement of the quality of life of a community within a balanced support and respect to the environment, human rights, and cultural heritage.
  • Personal growth: Experiential learning during volunteering provides a person with one of many paths to become aware of global issues and self aware of his/her body and mind.
  • Inspiration: By spreading the word about our networking initiatives with international volunteers and grassroots organizations abroad, we provide a constant flow of inspiring moments and incite action.